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Making Music Mine

“What an awesome experience.  The “pre-teach” materials were great and totally age appropriate.  Thank you for your time and energy!”
—Participating Teacher

Making Music Mine logoMaking Music Mine is a comprehensive inquiry-based curriculum, noted for its critical listening approach.  The MMM learning strategy is used by classroom teachers and music specialists to help students develop cognitive thinking skills as they explore the world of music.  When combined with ensemble and/or orchestra concerts, Making Music Mine creates a multi-faceted year-long education program infusing music learning into the classroom and teaching students life-long skills.

MMM incorporates the State of Arizona Arts Standards for Music and encourages connections with other areas of the academic curriculum.  The most prominent state music standards are listed on each lesson plan and activity card, making it easier for teachers to utilize the materials and plan their lessons.

“I think this is great for our entire student population, especially ELL students.  They can take risks and not be afraid to participate.  I can also see this fitting in with our balance literacy.  Your inquiry-based learning fits in well with our reading program” —Participating Teacher

MMM uses sequential activities and open-ended questioning to promote active learning.  Students construct and reflect upon their own musical understandings by engaging in active discussion and problem solving, and generating unique, creative products.  Students are asked to explain what they think and why, building on their thoughts and the thoughts of others.

MMM provides three entry points and is designed to engage three ways of thinking through the following strands:  Building the Framework (structure), Communicating the Message (narrative) and Experiencing Emotion in Music (emotion).  The three components are shown in color-coded activity cards.  Lesson plans are provided, using these activity cards with the music on the preview CD.  The preview CD includes recordings of the music to be played at the KinderKonzert and Young People’s Concert performances.

Teaching Materials in the MMM curriculum folders include the following items for KinderKonzerts (KK) and Music in the Schools/Young People’s Concerts (MIS/YPC):

Items for both KK & MIS/YPC
Teacher’s Guide
Instrument Card Examples
The Oboe (PDF)
The Viola (PDF)
Activity Card Examples
Framework Activity Example (PDF)
Communication Activity Example (PDF)
Emotion Activity Example (PDF)

Items individualized for KK & MIS/YPC
Meet the Musicians Bio Packet
Preview CD
10/11 MIS/YPC Program CD Track Listing (PDF)
10/11KK Program CD track listing (PDF)
Lesson Plan Packet
MIS/YPC: Tell Me a Story-Putting it all Together (PDF)
KK:  Join the Orchestra Treasure Hunt (PDF)
KK:  Tell Me a Story-Setting the Scene (PDF)

For more information about the TSO’s Making Music Mine curriculum, please contact Education Programs Manager, Alana Richardson at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or (520) 620-9167.