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Individual Donors

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Individual Donors
Conductor $5,000- $9,999.99
Concertmaster $2,500- $4,999.99
Virtuoso $1,000- $2,499.99
Soloist $500- $999.99
Principal $250- $499.99
Player $125- $249.99
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We are grateful for these Circles of Support donors whose annual fund gifts help make possible the Tucson Symphony Orchestra performances & education programs. This listing recognizes annual fund gifts made from August 12, 2015 to October 3, 2016. While we make every effort to be accurate & thorough, it is possible to accidentally omit or misspell a name. Please contact us at (520) 620-9172 with any additions or corrections.

Ovation $25,000+

Ms. Winifred Bundy
Guildford Fund
Drs. John P. and Helen S. Schaefer
Mrs. Dorothy D. Vanek
John E. Wahl and Mary Lou Forier

Maestro $10,000-$24,999.99

Anonymous (1)
Ms. Lois M. Briggs
Mr. and Mrs. David C. Carney
Lois Chandler
Mrs. Shirley J. Chann
Mrs. Carol T. des Cognets
Tom and Cande Grogan
Grusin Family
Robert H. Hamilton
Kautz Family Foundation
Adrienne Knoll Utley
Ellen Kaye
John & Farah Palmer
Peter F. Salomon & Patricia Carr Morgan
Susan S. Small
Peter and Dana Smith
Mrs. Mary Ann Stubbs
Linda Wurzelbacher

Conductor $5,000- $9,999.99

Anonymous (1)
Larry R. and Florence A. Adamson
Dr. Karen Bahnick
Marlys Beider
Carl and Judy Bowser
Anonymous Fund held at Community Foundation for Southern Arizona
Mr. and Mrs. Derek Coward
Cecile Follansbee
Bruce and Edythe Gissing
Mr. and Mrs. James Glasser 
Bob and JoAnne Hungate
The Jade Tree Foundation
Richard and Bonnie Kampa
Phil and Carol Lyons
Nancy March and Neil Ampel
Mrs. Lily M. Meijer
Alice & Bill Roe
Mr. Don Snider
Howard & Marilyn Steele

Concertmaster $2,500- $4,999.99

Anonymous (3)
Mary Lou Aries
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Blakeman
Michael S. Bylsma
Philip & Carol Campbell
Ed and Arlene Cohen
Steve and Lisa Cooke
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur H. Deters
Mary N. Dryden
Deanna Evenchik
Noel & Judith Fedje
Julie Gibson
Mr. and Mrs. John R. Gildea
Joseph Gregowicz
Eugene and Barbara Haak
Mr. and Mrs. Roger H. Hallowell
Timothy S. & Jennifer E. Harris
Sally L. Heinlein
Dr. and Mrs. Arthur L. Herbst
Ms. Corolla Hoag & Dr. Kevin Horstman
Theodore and Joan Hullar
John F. & Beverly Kofron
Dr. Martin R. and Barbara R. Levy
Dorothy and Roy Mayeske
Mrs. Sally McGreevy-Gorman
Pat and Linda McMillin
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth J. McNealy
Matt P. Milner
Nick and Candy Munson
Ms. Betty Jean Ojeda
Dr. Thomas P. Onak
Jennifer and Gary Prescott
Ms. Ann Redding
Mr. Donald V. Rhodes
Dr. Lee F. & Donna B. Rogers
Joseph and Coppelia L. Samaha
Mrs. Suzanne B. Schoen
Rodger and T. Van Hook Schuld
Richard and Jasmine Seagrave
Dr. Janice K. Smith, Ph.D.
George Steele
Jerry and Rebecca Sundt
Mrs. Gregg Swihart
Ms. Autumn Van den Berg
Victoria Williams

Virtuoso $1,000- $2,499.99

Anonymous (4)
Dr. Edward H Alexander
Joseph S. Alpert and Qin M. Chen
Pat and Reidar Bjorhovde
Richard and Martha Blum
Mrs. Jeanne Broome
Ms. Paula Casaccia
Amy S. Charles & Steve McMillan
Sharon & Byron Cotter
Andrea Dillenburg and Edward Kraus
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Fuchs
Betty B. Geehan
Steven Cohen and Michael Godnick
Ed and Kay Goss
Ms. Pam Grissom
Ms. Charlotte Hanson
Dick & Jeri Hejduk
Lee and Kathleen Hessler
Dr. Susan E. Hetherington
John G. Hildebrand & Gail D. Burd
Hooper Family Foundation
Fran and Darrell Hutchinson
Leonard and Marcelle Joffe
Drs. Dennis and Kathryn Karsh
Dr. Mark and Marion Kartchner
Kitay Family Foundation
Janice and Al Kivel
Mary Beth Kuehn
Mr. Larry Kuhlman
Dr. Taylor Lawrence
Henry and Marie-Pierre Lee
Sy and Ginny Levy Family Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation
Phoebe R. and John D. Lewis Foundation
John and Martha Lyons
Dr. & Mrs. Dejan B. Markovich
Chuck and Kris Martin
Larry and Rowena Matthews
Mr. and Mrs. Peter McCarthy
Robert and Virginia McKay
Tom McKinney and DeeDee Connel
Mrs. Martha Ann Mecom
Elyce and Mark Metzner
Mrs. Joyanne Mills
Mr. and Mrs. George W. Miraben
Mr. and Mrs. James Moody
John and Bettie Moser
Jean and Jordan Nerenberg
Mr. William F. Pascoe 
George & Irene Perkow
Martha & Terry Allen Perl
David and Rosalie Perry
Joan Person
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald  W Philips
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Pitt 
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Presson
Jack & Susan Quillen
Ann & Lewis Roscoe
Dr. and Mrs. Herschel D. Rosenzweig
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald L. Rucks
Drs. Adib and Vivi Sabbagh
Mr.and Mrs. Michael F. Salvo
Karen DeLay and Bill Sandel
Jeannette Segel
Sarah B. Smallhouse Advised Fund at the
Community Foundation for Southern Arizona
Dr. Robert & Anne Neff Smith
Drs. Gail B. Smith and Leonard H. Cohen
Dr. Phyllis W. Smith
Lin & Bob Spangler
Mr. and Mrs.Bill C. Springer
Ms. Sally Sumner and Mr. Keith Page
Dr. John Swain and Mr. Thomas J. Hickey
Edy Thogersen
Phyllis Tingstad
Cal and Nancy Turner
David and Nancy Ulmer
Linda and Nick Vucich 
Jack Walters
Andy and Cammie Watson
Mr. Sherman L. Weitzmon
Gerry and Liz Whitaker
Desi and Jerry Winter 
Lyn and James Withey
Mr. and Mrs. Meredith Wood, Jr.
Ms. Theresa Zapotocky
Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Zimmermann

Soloist $500- $999.99

Anonymous (7)
Mr. & Mrs. John Albertson
Dr. Edward H Alexander
Mr. Larry Allen
David & Huguette Baad
Ms. Denis Barnes
John and Kathryn Bergan
Mr. Edwin Biggers
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Bloom
Richard & Carol Boos
Donald and Diane Bristow
Mr. and Mrs. Allen Burt
Elaine and Morton Cederbaum
Mrs. Jocelyn K Clark and Mr. Donald E Clark
Ms. Joanna Corrigan
Mr. and Mrs. Duane K. Cote
Franklin and Gisela Crosby
Ms. Janna-Neen J. Cunningham
Anthony & Sandra Dalessandro
Rich and Mary Daly
C. Jane Decker
Mr. Phil Derkum and Ms. Flora Yee
Ruth & Stephen Dickstein
John and Anne Dossey
Mr. & Mrs. Peter J. Downey
Ms. Frances Edson
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Effken
Kimberly D. Ely
Charles and Patricia Erickson
Mrs. Joanne Findley
Pamela Slaten and Price Fishback
Mr. and Mrs. Leon Forman
Ms. Beth Foster
Drs. J.D. and Margot W. Garcia
Ms. Shelly Gibbons
Ms. Joyce Goldberg
Eliat Goldman and Thea Chalow
Jennifer Gross and Jerry W. Lefevre
Suzanne J. Gross
Les & Suzanne Hayt
Marilyn Heins, M.D. and Milton Francis
James Hensley
Mr. & Mrs. Sidney Hirsh
Dick & Jan Hokanson
Mr. and Mrs. Craig T. Huntley
Ed & Kay Jenkins
Karen and Chuck Jonaitis
Stephan L. and Linda V. Jones
Dr. John and Gerlinde Juhala
Carlton and Susan King
Mr. and Mrs. James Knox Jr.
Ms. Rosemary Koberlein
Gil and Carol LeClair
David and Patricia Leege
Dr. Alan I. Levenson and Rachael Goldwyn
Barbara Lilley
Lorraine Maria Hamilton Endowment Fund
Catherine & Stephen Lyders
Dr. and Mrs. Wayne E. Magee
Anne Maley-Schaffner
Meredith Marder and Evan Pilling
Larry and Rowena Matthews
Hans and Donna Moser
Mrs. Susan Newman
Dr. Charles and Mrs. Sue Ostermeyer
Ms. Patricia Otto
Mr. & Mrs. Alfred O. Paulus
Mr. and Mrs. James J. Perrine
Barbara and Jay Pisik
Mr. Herbert C. Ploch
Dr. and Mrs. Richard Pollard
R. Cynthia Pruett
Celena and Skylar Robles
Douglas & Andrea Robson
Eileen & Bill Roeske
Mr. and Mrs. Myron Rosenbluth
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Ross
Dr. Ian & Ms. Ina Shivack
Ms. Lida Shoemaker
Bruce Spencer
Rica and Harvey Spivack
Mr. and Mrs. Mark F. Stinski
Dr. Kenneth Swaiman and Dr. Phyllis Sher
Dr. and Mrs. Richard W. Switzer
John & Joan Tedford
Mrs. Jack E. Thompson
Mrs. Susan R. Thompson
Barbara and John Walker
Ms. Jessica S. Walker
Dr. Joan and Dr. David Weimer
Patricia Scully and Richard Weissenberger
Lovable Bill and Ann Welch
Tim Wernette and Carolyn Brown 
Carol and Philip Wheeler
Herbert and Nancy White
Nancy and James Whitney

Principal $250- $499.99

Anonymous (3)
Barbara Andrews
Mr. Anthony Anzalone
Jean & Charles Ares
Mrs. Joyce Armstrong
Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Asia
Bob and Judy Atwell
Rae and Peter Aust
Mark & Jan Barmann
Raymond E. Best
Mrs. Martha D. Boerner
Dr. Don P. Bourque and Ms. Susan Knowlton
Brian & Susan Boylan
Paula  K. Bressler
David E. Bright, Jr.
Donald and Diane Bristow
Audrey Brooks and Dick Lauwasser
Mr. Johannes A. Buchel
Dr. and Mrs. Harvey William Buchsbaum
Robert & Glenda Burdick
Ms. Hannelore Burke
Mr. and Mrs. Bob Bursiel
Roger and Ellen Caldwell
Shirley and Roland Calhoun
Dr. and Mrs. Willard T. Carleton
Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Carson
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Cate
Ms. Mary A. Chaney
Mrs. Jocelyn K Clark and Mr. Donald E Clark
Karen & John Coffin
Bill and Carol Copeland
Mr. & Mrs. Bryan Daum
Mr. & Mrs. Raul F. Delgado Jr.
Darryl and Mary Ann Dobras Fund held at the Community Foundation for Southern Arizona
Mr. George Doran and Ms. Frances Lange
Michael and Diane Dowd
Ms. Susanne Durling
Mrs. Betty Dusto
Joanne & Don Edwards
Ms. Cleo Elve
Michael & Karen Fisher
Ervin & Martha Frazier
Mac and Pat Gearhart
Paul and Genie Gengler
Dr. Mary Jo Ghory
Sally Giancola and Bob Roty
Mr. Charles Giltner
Mr. Stephen Grumish
Ms. Anita Y. Hansen
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Harrison
Mr. and Mrs. Donald S. Hartman
Edward and Barbara Haugland
Mr. & Mrs. William J. G. Hawes
Joanie and Tom Healy
Hal and Charlotte Hegwer
Mrs. Sandra Heiman
Dolores D. Hillenbrand
Harriet & Robert Hirsch
Mr. and Mrs. John O. Hoos
Mr. & Mrs. Martin Horowitz
William and Margaret Ann Horst
Mr. and Mrs. Richard H. Huff
Ms. Marylou Hutchins
Mr. and Mrs. Peter M. Irish
Ed & Kay Jenkins 
Prof. Deborah Kaye
Jim McCorry and Mary Keane
Beverly & Charles Kohfeld
Mr. Jan B. Konstanty
Dr. & Mrs. Robert Leff
Katherine & Aaron Leonard
Mark Luprecht
Mrs. Kathleen Lynch-Naidich and Mr. Stuart Naidich
Beverly & R.J. Machulies
Stanley & Shirley Matlick
Charles F. McCorkell
Joan McTarnahan
Mr. and Mrs. Chris Monson
Carol F. Moser
Dr. and Mrs. John Mueller
Ms. Nancy O'Brien
Rebecca K. O'Brien
Dave and Jean Perry
Mrs. Jeanne S. Porter
Dr. Stephen B. Pozez
Dr. and Ms. Dan W. Rehurek
Serene Rein
R.T. and Barbara Richardson
Judy and Ken Riskind 
Eileen & Bill Roeske
Simon J. Rosenblatt and Louise Greenfield
Ms. Patricia Rudie
Harry & Patty Russell
Mr. Karl H. Schreiber 
Liz Weiner Schulman
Dr. & Mrs. Gerald Seiden
Dr. Dale Shaw
Mrs. Ann J. Simpson
Mr. & Mrs. Mark Spies
Frances L. Stephens
David & Diane Sterle
Mr. Craig Stone
David & Linda Stone
Ms. Sandra Stone
Mr. Robert Suomala
Jerald and Judy Thorson
Mr. George Timson
James & Wanda Torrey
Ms. Gayle A. Traver
Ms. Ellen Trevors
Mr. and Mrs. Dean Umemoto
Dr. Frances Ann Walker
Lester & Carol Welborn
Teresa A. Wilson
Christine and Robert Wohl
Ms. Signe R. Youngquist
Dr. & Mrs. Samuel O. Zaidenberg

Player $125- $249.99

Anonymous (5)
Vicki Alpert
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Ancona
Mrs. Margaret Anderson
Mr. & Mrs. Clarence C. Andressen
Celia A. Balfour
Mrs. Elizabeth Balsbaugh
Sabina and Ken Barratt
Mr. & Mrs. George Bauder
Janet Belkin and Al Tarlov
Richard and Katherine Berube 
Mr. & Mrs. John Bieging
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Bott
Fred & Jacquie Brenner
Ms. Roberta Campbell
Dr. Terrence Carden
Mr. Richard Carr
Ms. Alice Close
Melvin Cohen & Molly Senor
Greg & Denise Constantino
Mr. David Cook
Polly Cosyns
Mrs. Elizabeth E. Cox
Mr. &  Mrs. George R. Cunningham
Thomas Curtin and Dr. Molly Stranahan
Joanne and Charles Curtis
Ms. Jean Dalton
Penny Davidsen
Lynn D. Davis
Mr. and Mrs. William B. Davis
Ms. Christina Dowell
Mr. Frederic Emery
Roger Ermili 
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Eschrich
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Feldman
Ms. Deborah L. Formo
Susan & Frank Franano
Milton Francis
Linda L. Friedman
Ray and Mary Gamache
Mrs. Marya H. Giesy
Mr. & Mrs. Kent Gill
Dr. Scott Gingold and Giovanna McCarthy
Mr. & Mrs. Darrel W. Gleddie
Ann & Arthur Goldberg
Mr. Ben Golden
Dr. and Mrs. John L. Gorny
Mr. Alan Gottschalk
Julia & Donald Graf
Mr. William Halverson
Mr. Donald F. Hammer
Mr. and Mrs. Wilbert Harri 
Dr. and Mrs. Munro K. Haynes
Mrs. Kathryn Heineman
Lucy Hernried and Allyn Knoche
Ms. Ruth Helm
Bob & Carol Hicks
Rhoda Hilden
Ms. Barbara Holmes
Dr. and Mrs. Roderick Hood
Mr. and Mrs. Ke Chiang Hsieh
Ms. Lynn Hudson
Drs. Maureen & John Hutter
Virginia Iannaccone
Mr. Robert Jackson
Mrs. Lois M. Kelly
Dale & Paula Keyes
Mrs. Sookhi Kim
Stanley and Mary Ellen Kindzerski
James & Jamie King
Jay & Barbara Kittle
Dr. & Mrs. Frederick A. Klein
Ms. Carolyn Knott
Sherwin & Karen Koopmans
Dick and Carol Korich
Kay and Philip Korn
Mr. and Mrs. David M. Kozloff
John & Dawn Lashley
Mr. & Mrs. Jack Lasseter
Ms. Nancy D. Lauver & Mr. Ellery C. Green
Jan Linn and Richard Pincus
Ann E. Litsas
David A. Lotz, CPA & Dr. Sherry Lotz
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Lyman Jr.
Joan C. MacDonald
Dr. & Mrs. Larry I. Mann
Connie & Harry Mapes
Mr. and Mrs. Rudy Mathews
Ms. Deborah Mathieu
Theodore & Barbara Maynard
Ms. Diane Mazzarella
Mr. John T. Mazzei
Dennis & Mary McMacken
Dax and Rachel McMenamin
Robert A. Metz
Rich & Sylvia Miller
Dr. Wilfred S. Miller
Mrs. Robert S. Moore
Dr. Roger Morris
Ginny and Dave Morthland
Ms. Patricia Neel
Mr. and Mrs. Nemura
Mr. Herman Nickel
Mr. & Mrs. Richard I. Niedling
Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Niehaus
Mr. & Mrs. John Nisbet
Ms. Dee Olson
Ms. Pam Olson
Lois Christine Olsrud
Mrs. Jean Paine
Ms. Florence B. Pape
Jennet and Dale Parker
Jan & Bob Paullette
Ms. Sylvia Payne
Norma Peterson
Ms. Shirley J. Peterson
Mrs. Jeanne S. Porter
Tim and Dee Putty
Ms. Robin Rainwater
Mrs. Darleen Raulerson 
William G. and Kathleen Rector Trust
Mrs. Evelyn Richards
Mr. A. J Richter and Mrs. Elizabeth A Gray
Mrs. Patricia Riker
Ms. Angela Roberts
Mr. Jim Robbins
Mr. Richard Roper
Drs. Linda and Richard Sampliner
Paula Schlusberg
Jennifer Schneider M.D.
Dan & LaVern Schroeder
Patricia Cahn Schwartz and Edward J. Schwartz
Dr. Norman Scott
Michael and Pam Shanahan
Beverly and Herb Sheathelm
Mr. Louis Simon
Sarah M. Simpson
Jean and Stuart Smith
Anita Stafford
Ronald Staub
Thomas Stefanek & Judith Pelster
Roz Stein
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Steinhoff
Ms. Sandra Stone
Frank and Margaret Surpless
Michael Tannenbaum
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Taussig
Mr. George Timson
Linda and Gerry Tumarkin
Maria and Juan Valdes
Angel Viano
Wil & Johanna Von Mayr
Ms. Karen Wadman
Joanna and Robert Walsh
Steven Weatherspoon and Rosemarie Fouad
Vivian & Robert Weede
Ms. Rosemary Weisbecker
William & Judy Wickham
Winifred E. Williams
Margaret F. Wilson
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Woodman
Bonnie & Daryl Wunrow
Mr. and Mrs. John Yingst
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Zinman
Jesse Zoernig